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Apartment Rentals: Technology and the Xbox

11 Dec

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When you think of furnished apartments, what comes to mind? Perhaps you imagine an apartment with a fully equipped kitchen. Maybe you imagine temporary furnished apartments with a full living room suit. You might picture furnished apartments that come with beds and linens, towels and chairs – all the basics, in short. While it’s certainly true that fully furnished apartments generate significantly higher interest from renters, particularly business travelers, you might need to go a bit farther in order to make your property stand out. Investing in technology is an excellent option.

Why Technology?

Technology has forever changed our lives. Once upon a time, furnished apartments would be complete with a full set of furniture, kitchen appliances, beds and perhaps a TV. Today, that’s not the case. Certainly not if you want to make your property appealing to business travelers. We have come to rely on technology for everything from…

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